“Want SHOCKING Results in Less Than 20-minutes, and Just 3-days a Week?”

Curtis Ludlow

Curtis Ludlow

I know a thing or two about boot camp. This is me in my Marine Corps "dress blues."

Boot Camp FX is about getting fast, transformational results. This is me during the final week of Marine Corps boot camp, wearing “dress blues.”

Hi there, I’m Curtis Ludlow.

If you’re reading this, that probably means that you have some interest in losing some fat, getting a little bit stronger and having more energy to tackle the day.

You also don’t want to spend hours upon hours in the gym each day. You’ve got a life to live. Stuff to do. I get it.

I’ve been helping people just like you get in AMAZING SHAPE at my boot camp in Orange County California for almost 10 years.

Unfortunately, in the past, if you wanted to workout with me, you had to live close by.

…but now you can get the same results that my clients here in Orange County get with me — right from the comfort of your own living room…

Heike, from Germany, lost more than 50 POUNDS!

Heike, from Germany, lost more than 50 POUNDS!

Every single word and idea in this program has been tested and proven to work by myself and my clients in the real world. There is no theory here. Just stuff that works.

Mom and me. October 1980.

Mom and me. October 1980.

Text message from Mom

Text message from Mom, 2013

Let me tell you a little bit about my new program…

This program exists today because of my mother.

One day she asked me to send her a diet and workout plan to help her get in shape.

She lives 2,500 miles away from me and I didn’t have anything comprehensive to send her.

So I went about creating a program that would work for her.

But that’s not all.

I also have other family, friends and clients who now live far away and who have reached out to me and asked me for help with getting in shape.

So when I created this program, I wanted to make something that my mother, friends and clients ALL could use to get in shape and make progress with.

And as you know, everybody is different. Some people are in better shape than others. Some people have been working out for years and some are just getting started.

Most people have demanding schedules that don’t allow them to workout for hours at a time.

So I made this program challenging enough to satisfy my FITTEST clients, some of whom have been working out for years. These are people who want to be laying in a puddle of sweat at the end of their workout.

Jaylene, one of my fittest clients

Jaylene, one of my fittest clients, holding a copy of the program

However, I’ve also included modifications for many of the exercises so that even my mom could do this program and work up to the more challenging moves.

I wanted to create a program that would work for my mom, FAMILY, FRIENDS and clients — and that’s exactly what this program does. All of the workouts in this program are less than 20-minutes in duration. That’s enough time for the advanced exerciser to be challenged and create a change and it’s not too much for a newbie.



So, if you’ve been cleared by your doctor to do this program and you’re willing to work, you too can succeed with BOOTCAMPFX.

I’ve helped thousands of people just like you transform their bodies with my programs and now you are next.

Through this program, I’ll be your personal trainer, coach and friend.

I’m going to show you exactly what to do and hold you accountable so that you do what you have to do, when you have to do it.

That’s why I made this program as simple as possible. Simple is doable.

Simple is easy to remember. Simple is the key to your body transformation success.

However, even though the steps are simple, the process of transforming your body won’t be easy. You have to want your goal more than you want to take the easy path.

The good news is that planning, disciplined action and a red hot desire to transform your body are a big chunk of what it takes to succeed with this program.




Now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty.

The Boot Camp FX workout program consists of two phases.

The first phase is called the BODY RECOMPOSITION PHASE. The BODY RECOMPOSITION PHASE is designed to acclimate you to the nutrition program and to what may be a new way of eating. The second phase of the Boot Camp FX workout program is the FAT LIBERATION phase. In this phase, the nutrition regimen requires a bit more discipline — but with that discipline comes multiple rewards.

There are a few important documents included with this program, that will keep you on track during your transformation.



Curtis Ludlow's 60-day HOME BOOT CAMP Body Transformation System

Curtis Ludlow’s 60-day HOME BOOT CAMP Body Transformation System

The first document is the nutrition guide. Here you will discover the 10 habits necessary to succeed in this program. Some of the language is technical but it gives you the rationale behind the entire program.



The second document is the success recorder. In this document you’ll find your success recorder worksheets. You fill these out everyday to monitor your progress.

Success Recorder

The Success Recorder is your daily accountability guide. It shows you exactly what to do each day to transform your body.

The success recorder is the accountability portion of the program. Put your pen to paper here everyday to stay on track.

If you take the actions outlined in the success recorder everyday, you will transform your body. If you fail to do this, your results will be less than noteworthy.

There are two different plans of action available to you in this program. Standard and Accelerated Results.

Both plans require disciplined, daily action. However, the standard program is designed for someone just getting started with clean eating and fitness.

The accelerated results program is for the person who is currently adhering to clean eating, already has a solid fitness habit and is willing follow a slightly more disciplined plan to achieve the fastest results.

You’ll need to choose either the standard or accelerated results plan.



The next document is the workout calendar. This shows you which workouts to do each day of the program.



Finally, you have the body SURVEY document. This is where you keep your before and after photos and measurements. You now have everything you need to succeed in your body transformation.



Discover 10 new workouts using only your bodyweight. These are NOT boring pushups and situps you did in PE class! With high intensity, FUN workouts like these, you will never look at fitness the same again.

These 10 workouts will rev up your metabolism and help you lose weight fast. The program is flexible and allows for optional added resistance from dumbbells. Discover killer moves like the Break Dancing Push Up, Spiderman, and the Matrix.

boot camps in fullerton

Monica lost more than pounds and is proud to sport a swimsuit again


Hi Curtis,

Okay, as I mentioned today ever since having kids I’ve hated being caught on camera in a bathing suit which has meant that for the past 13 years I hide/run when someone brings a camera out.

But, after having stuck with your program and making a commitment to changing my eating habits, I am proud and confident to be caught sporting a swimsuit.

So, thank you Curtis, Boot Camp FX has changed my life, has put me back on my fitness track that I hadn’t been on since college. (Would you believe that I was an athlete in high school and college, have a degree in Exercise Physiology and used to model bathing suits for part time work?)

I feel better than ever and it shows in every aspect of my life, thank you!

Monica Malone
Fullerton, California

Brea, Placentia and Fullerton fitness boot camps

Mariela lost more than 20 pounds with Fullerton Boot Camp FX

fitness boot camps in orange county ca

Mariela before


Five years ago my life changed tremendously.

boot camps in orange county

Mariela showing off her new strength

I was physically very ill and would walk in to the ER every other day. Taking a walk at the park one day I saw some people working out and I would see them everyday during my walks.

One day I approached Curtis and I joined the Boot Camp. Of the last five years I have been with Curtis I have not had the necessity to even see a doctor because I feel GREAT! I always remind Curtis that he saved my life.

I LOVE going to him and all my family attends his camp as well. He is part of my life and I strongly recommend Curtis Boot Camp. I feel very healthy and I also dropped from a size 14 to a size 6.


Mariela Iglesias
Fullerton, California

Just Try My Boot Camp FX Home Program. I GUARANTEE You Will Transform Your Body from Flabby — to — SEXY or from FIT — to — AMAZING in 60-days or LESS … Or I Will Happily Refund Every Penny of Your Money*
*(less s/h)

You're going to LOVE your results. I guarantee it!

You're going to LOVE your results. I guarantee it!

Yes, Curtis. I’m ready to get ripped results in minimum time, less than 20-minutes each day, with BOOT CAMP FX!

Send me the complete BOOT CAMP FX System, including the 10 MAXIMUM INTENSITY DVDS, QUICK START GUIDE, NUTRTION GUIDE (with fat loss program), SUCCESS RECORDER, 60-DAY WORKOUT CALENDARS, and the BODY SURVERY, all for 3 easy payments of only $39.95 (plus s&h). I know that BOOT CAMP FX comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee — but that I’m going to LOVE my results.


Ariana Lost 30 Pounds with Curtis Ludlow’s Boot Camp FX Program

Boot Camp FX - 60-day Home Boot Camp

Boot Camp FX – 60-day Home Boot Camp




fitness boot camp for brea and fullerton

Nicole, getting fit with a kettlebell exercise


Nicole Higashi

Nicole got in shape for her wedding with Curtis Ludlow. Then she lost the baby weight with the Boot Camp FX Home Program.

I first came to Curtis to lose weight for my wedding.

Five months later…

I burned more than 20 pounds of fat and I completely reshaped my body.

Because I liked his training program (and the results!) so much I stuck with it after the wedding. I didn’t want to lose the progress I had made and to be honest, I was addicted! Curtis inspired me to believe that I could do things I never would have imagined and I felt so good after every workout.

In 2012, I had my first baby and as she grew into toddler-hood there was a real need for more space in our home. So moved to larger house, located in a quieter and more family friendly neighborhood. We love it! Unfortunately, I can’t train with Curtis in-person at Boot Camp FX anymore because of the distance.

It was a “no-brainer” for me to purchase his home fitness program so I could continue working off the baby weight and keep training with him, in a way (I’m addicted, remember?). I’m actually in the program, on “ABS1″. It’s definitely weird watching yourself workout on TV, but also motivating. That DVD was filmed just 5 months after I gave birth to my baby. It was also my first real workout in just about one year. So…

you can do this program whatever your current fitness level is. I’ve been working out with the program now for 3 weeks and I already am so much closer to my pre-baby shape.
Doing the workouts consistently keeps me on track. The more active I am with Curtis’ program, the less I am inclined to indulge on foods (and/or cocktails) I really don’t need.

You know what else?

It’s just like being at his boot camp! I feel like I’m right there with him at my old camp time slot.
He even gives you a high five at the end of every workout – just like in person. Haha!

The workouts are only 20 minutes, so they’re perfect for my busy schedule. Let me tell you something else, these workouts ARE NOT EASY! You’ll be sweating like crazy, I promise. The program also includes a “body survey” so you can monitor the transformation that your body goes through.


if you’re a mom or a dad with a busy schedule, like me, and you want to get your pre-children body back, you need this program. I’m proof that it works!

Curtis is THE BEST!

Nicole Higashi
Brea, California

Yes, Curtis. I’m ready to get ripped results in minimum time, less than 20-minutes each day, with BOOT CAMP FX!

Send me the complete BOOT CAMP FX System, including the 10 MAXIMUM INTENSITY DVDS, QUICK START GUIDE, NUTRTION GUIDE (with fat loss program), SUCCESS RECORDER, 60-DAY WORKOUT CALENDARS, and the BODY SURVERY, all for 3 easy payments of only $39.95 (plus s&h). I know that BOOT CAMP FX comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee — but that I’m going to LOVE my results.

Boot Camp FX - 60-day Home Boot Camp

Boot Camp FX – 60-day Home Boot Camp



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